My Book

The Magic of Choosing Uncertainty
How to Manage Change,
Embrace Fear,
and Live a Complete Life
By Tom Scarda

Notes to Reader:

I have personally read hundreds of books, listen to countless cassette tapes, viewed innumerable compact discs and movies and attended a myriad of seminars. This book is the culmination of much of the data and material that I have been exposed to over the past two decades. At the end of this book I list the books that have had the most significant impact on me. I encourage you to seek out these publications and read them for yourself. The brilliant insights are freely given to us to help everyone lead a fulfilled life, regardless of their backgrounds.

The Fuel to Change
At key points in the book I will suggest techniques on how to harness and understand your fear, anxiety or apprehensions. I call these sections: The Fuel to Change.
The Fuel to Change sections are mostly exercises on paper. You don’t have to do them. But I have found that putting intentions on paper is powerful and the power you will harness by following through with the exercises in this book is the authentic FUEL TO CHANGE.


The stock markets tumble much faster than they climb. People stay in relationships that are unfulfilling or even dangerous. Workers labor in jobs they hate. Prescriptions for controlling the symptoms of depression have skyrocketed. What gives?

In each of these examples, the driving force is FEAR!!!

In your life, you might have passed on a great business opportunity. You might have found the perfect partner, only to end the relationship because the fear of getting hurt was stronger than the idea of being happy. Or, perhaps you continue to toil at a job that leaves you unfulfilled, just to make ends meet.

When the phone rings at an unexpected hour do you automatically think it is bad news? What goes through your mind? When you’re preparing for a road trip do you think there’s going to be traffic? Do you turn on the radio news waiting to hear how bad the traffic backups are? Do you expect that your sniffles may turn into pneumonia?

Why does it seem that we are always expecting the worst? Is it inbred or do we actually attract our situations – good or bad? By the way, what is good and bad? Is it all about you? Could it be possible that you missing a red light means that someone else gets to his or her destination on time? Did that two-minute delay cause you to stand behind the old man at the lottery store causing you to receive the winning ticket instead of him? It is hard to know. But maybe, just maybe, there is something out there guiding all of us and if we just go with the flow we won’t need to worry about a thing.

After all, we’re all getting to the same place. And that place we came from gave us nothing, not a thing, no possessions and that’s how we all will return. So why are we so hung up about getting to someplace?

These hang ups are what cause stress and worry to morph into real fear. We are told that if we lose that we are less. Fight for your rights. Fight for this and that. In this book I will examine and show you that you don’t have to fight for anything because everything is in accordance with nature and the universe. And believe it or not, you can control much of it. You are creating in this very moment. Some are creating on purpose, but most are not. This book will address those who are not.

There is example after example of people who have moved passed their fears and live amazing lives filled with joy, peace and love. They start companies, run with a direct marketing concept or buy a franchise. Their relationships are solid and uplifting.

You can have this too…with a little work.

So, what is the difference between the happy people and the rest of society? Happy people have mastered the skills needed to evaluate, harness, embrace and eventually overcome even their deepest fears. They CHOOSE to focus on and give gratitude for what they have which ultimately brings more good stuff into their life.

In my book, you’ll learn how fear works. You’ll learn where your “fear center” is, how to identify legitimate fears and how to redefine the fears that keep you from all that you desire.
I certainly did, more than once, in many areas.

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